The Pinettes Brass Band

image1The Pinettes Brass Band, World’s only all female Brass Band.  The original members attended St. Mary’s Academy High School an all-girl catholic school. Beginning with 16 or more members, the Pinettes ended up with not only St. Mary’s females but other women around the town.  The Pinettes have performed at The Jazz & Heritage Festival, The Satchmo Festival, The Krewe of Muses parade  and The French Quarter Festival, to name a few. We are delighted to have them join us for the Season 3 finale on The Goodnight Show!

The Pinettes Brass Band appeared on the July 2015 episode of The Goodnight Show!

Macy's Photo

610 Stompers

Macy's PhotoA New Orleans original!  Conceived on a simple premise – that Ordinary Men could and should entertain the world with Extraordinary Moves – the 610 Stompers were born in the summer of 2009.  From there the 610 Stompers have gone on to perform in Mardi Gras parades, at Hornets games, on local television and radio, and we’ve lent a hand to many charitable organizations in their fundraising efforts.

You can find out more at their website:

The 610 Stompers appeared on the July 2015 episode of The Goodnight Show!


Cecile Monteyne

guest_2015-June-CecileMonteyneCecile Monteyne is a New Orleans native who graduated from The New Movement in 2012. Prior to her return to NOLA, she performed improv in New York at the Upright Citizens Brigade, and in London and Glasgow, where she also taught. At TNM Nola, she has been a weekly member of The Megaphone Show, a lady in Claws with Fangs, and co-creator of Quiet on the Set. She is one half of the nationally touring duo machine A. She also creates and produces the bi-monthly show You Don’t Know the Half of It, New Orleans’ only half-scripted and half-improvised show.

Cecile appears on the June 2015 episode of The Goodnight Show!


Luther Gray

guest_2015-June-LutherGrayLuther has been active in the New Orleans arts community since 1984. He co-founded the Congo Square Foundation in 1989, which was renamed the Congo Square Preservation Society in 2011.  The Society has been instrumental in the resurrection of drumming and cultural activities in Congo Square.  In 1993, the Congo Square Foundation was successful in placing Congo Square on the National Register of Historic Places. In 1997 the Foundation led the effort to erect the Congo Square historic marker. In addition, he with a team of drum makers including Douglas Redd carved three Bamboula  drums from a one hundred year old cypress tree that are now on display at the new Louisiana State Museum of History in Baton Rouge. The Congo Square Preservation Society sponsors weekly Sunday drum circles in Congo Square that date back to 1988. In 2013, the Congo Square Preservation society launched the Congo Square Living Classroom Fieldtrip which consists of a  on-site tour of the Armstrong Park Sculpture Garden followed by the Congo Square Drum & Dance Workshop.

Luther appears on the June 2015 episode of The Goodnight Show!


Jason Marsalis Vibes Quartet

guest_2015-May-JasonMarsalis-Vibe-QuartetJason has not only inherited the virtuosity and compositional skills associated with the Marsalis family, but has also developed a distinctive, polyrhythmic drumming style. Though his first professional gig was with his father at the age of twelve, he studied classical percussion at Loyola University in New Orleans, and worked as a sideman with straight-ahead combosfunk fusion bands, a Brazilian percussion ensemble (Casa Samba), and even a Celtic group. He introduced percussionist Bill Summers to trumpeter Irvin Mayfield and together they co-founded the wildly successful Los Hombres Calientes. Then, at the height of that band’s popularity, Jason left to join up with acclaimed pianist Marcus Roberts.

On August 25, 2009, Marsalis released his first album as a leader on vibraphone, entitled Music Update. The album, which earned 4.5 out of 5 stars in Downbeat Magazine, showcases Jason on vibes with his working quartet, as well as several overdubbed drum ensembles entitled the “Disciplines”. Ben Ratliff from The New York Times described the Jason’s album as “an excellent musician trying out something risky without embarrassment.”

The Jason Marsalis Vibes Quartet appears on the June 2015 episode of The Goodnight Show!


Ana Zorilla

As a compassionate animal lover, Ana Zorrilla was drawn to the Louisiana SPCA for the opportunity to make an impact in the animal and human community of New Orleans. She joined the team in February 2006, and was selected by the Board of Directors to lead the organization as Chief Executive Officer in November 2007.

Visit the Louisiana SPCA here:

Ana appears on the May 2015 episode of The Goodnight Show!


Shack Brown & Nyesha Borsey

guest_20150506_Nyesha-BorseyShack Brown founded the Big Easy footwork competition in 2014.  “Footwork” is the fancy dancing that can be seen during the second lines in the streets of New Orleans. When Shack  saw 9 year old Nyesha dancing a few years back he thought ” the world needs to see this!”.  In the inaugural year of the competition, 2014,  Nyesha shared first place for her age group.  She vowed to win the title single handedly the following year.  Indeed, Nyesha  Borsey won her division,  in the 2015 The Big Easy Footwork Competition.

Shack & Nyesha appear on the May 2015 episode of The Goodnight Show!


Sarah McCoy

guest_20150506_SaraMcCoySarah McCoy’s voice can be heard tearing up the asphalt from New Orleans to Paris and beyond. Recently dubbed “l’etoilie de sud” (star of the South) in this February’s issue of Les Inrock magazine, she waltzes blues and jazz through a carnival-caberet of personal conviction and hopeful resolutions.

McCoy is renowned for using unusual tricks and stunts to enhance her performance both visually and auditorally. For instance, McCoy often uses washtub buckets to amplify her voice and uses pop rocks, instead, on a microphone to create a record player effect over her songs.

Acting as the booming front force, singer-songwriter, McCoy uses bother her musical and theatrical training to construct an environment rich with mood. Though her tricks are light-hearted and delivered with quick-wit humor, McCoy’s songs are lyrically dark with hopeful resolutions. With a mouth like a cannon and a voice like bayou thunder, McCoy delivers her message powerfully to the ears and hearts of her listeners.

A participant in any given McCoy show can expect to hear a variety of styles ranging through (but not limited to): ragtime-cabaret, thunder-piano rock, blues, gypsy-jazz, growling waltzes and deadly lullabies.

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Sarah appears on the May 2015 episode of The Goodnight Show!