Hot 8 Brass Band

guest_20150107_hot-8-brass-bandNew Orleans’ own Hot 8 Brass Band has epitomized New Orleans street music for over a decade. The band plays the traditional Second Line parades, hosted each Sunday afternoon by Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs, infusing their performances with the funk and energy that makes New Orleans music loved around the world. The members of the Hot 8 Brass Band were born and raised in New Orleans and many began playing together in high school. What makes the Hot 8 so special are the sounds they coax from their well-loved, well-worn instruments. An evening with the Hot 8 is like no other.

Hot 8 Brass Band appears on the January 7th 2015 episode of The Goodnight Show!



December 2014 | Episode 303

December 3rd 2014 | Cafe Istanbul | 8:00 PM

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Nick Spitzer  // American Routes, Producer & Host
Carol Bebelle  // Ashe Cultural Center, Executive Director
Bella Blue // burlesque
The Iguanas // musical guest

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Nick Spitzer

Nick Spitzer, the producer and host of American Routes, is a folklorist and a professor of anthropology and American studies at Tulane University. Nick specializes in American music and the cultures of the Gulf South, and received a Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Texas in 1986 with his dissertation on zydeco music and Afro-French Louisiana culture and identities.

American Routes, which is distributed by PRX, reaches nearly a million listeners each week on over 268 stations and via its website.

Carol Bebelle appears on the December 2014 episode of The Goodnight Show!


Carol Bebelle

Carol Bebelle is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Ashé Cultural Arts Center.

“At Ashé our mission is to use art and culture to support community development. We are an an initiative of Efforts of Grace, Inc., a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3), organization that creates and supports programs, activities, and creative works emphasizing the contributions of people of African descent. Located in Central City, the Center provides opportunities for art presentations, community development, artist support, and the creation of partnerships that amplify outreach and support efforts.

During post-hurricane Katrina recovery, we have acted as a community based center for the activities of ReBuild New Orleans, and have taken a leadership role in implementing the strategy to repopulate the Central City neighborhood with its former residents and new like-minded neighbors.

We house a repertoire of original theater works that are available for touring, and provide sponsorship for many private, public, community-focused, and family oriented events.”

Carol Bebelle appears on the December 2014 episode of The Goodnight Show!


Bella Blue

Born and raised in New Orleans, Bella Blue started dancing at the age of 3 studying extensively in ballet and modern into adulthood. In 2007 she traded in her pointe shoes for pasties and hasn’t looked back since! Her style can be best described as unpredictable! Bella can offer everything from classic fan dances and reverse stripteases to androgynous, neo, and controversial pieces. But no matter what, expect to be entertained! She has become one of the most recognized burlesque performers in New Orleans and across America. Bella performs predominantly in New Orleans but has also performed in Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Las Vegas, North Carolina, Virginia, Minneapolis, and Switzerland. She is also a regular on the stages of New York, visiting every 3 months. In 2014, she headlined the Virginia Americana Burlesque and Sideshow Festival and the Caput Mundi Burlesque Award Festival in Rome, Italy. She also made her Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend debut in June 2014 where she was invited to perform in the “Movers, Shakers, Innovators Showcase.”

Bella Blue appears on the December 2014 episode of The Goodnight Show!


The Iguanas

What if Americana actually encompassed ALL of North America? You’d have the Franco-Acadian inflections of Canada, as best exemplified by le accordion, blues and jazz, the only truly indigenous musics the US has ever produced, and the lilting grace and fiery passion of the music of Mexico. You’d also have New Orleans’ premiere distillers of this continental musical melange, The Iguanas, and their new album Juarez.

Based out of New Orleans for the past couple of decades — save for a short, Katrina-imposed exile in Austin — the members of the Iguanas have (collectively or individually) played or recorded with everyone from Charlie Rich, Alex Chilton, and Willie DeVille to Emmylou Harris, Allen Toussaint, and Pretty Lights. Their two-decade ride has taken them all over the map musically and geographically, yet the inescapable patina of their hometown infuses every note they play.

The Iguanas appear on the December 2014 episode of The Goodnight Show!


November 2014 | Episode 302

November 5th 2014 | Cafe Istanbul | 8:00 PM

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Brooke Davis Anderson // Executive Director P3
John Taylor // environmental activist
Louis Michot // musical guest
Andrew Polk // comedian


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Brooke Davis Anderson

guest_Brook-AndersonThroughout her career as Deputy Director of Curatorial Planning at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Director and Curator of The Contemporary Center at New York’s American Folk Art Museum, and Director of the museum at Winston-Salem State University, Brooke Davis Anderson‘s influence and leadership have resulted in memorable exhibitions, tangible fiscal benefits, and genuine engagement with community.

As a result of her focused scholarship, Brooke has expertise in African American art (especially the work of John Biggers) and has contributed significant research to the work of contemporary, self-taught artists, most notably Martin Ramirez, Henry Darger, and Bessie Harvey.

Now, as Executive Director of Prospect New Orleans, Brooke shares, “I love that Prospect is founded on collaboration and thrives on partnerships.  We are so fortunate to have support from all corners of New Orleans. P.3 is going to be a big success primarily because of our colleagues and collaborators!”

Brooke appears on the November 2014 episode of The Goodnight Show!

You can find info on Prospect New Orleans here:



Louis Michot

guest_Louis-MichotLouis Michot is the frontman of Grammy nominated rock & cajun group Lost Bayou Ramblers.

Taken from a recent interview:

“After playing blues and rock’n’roll on our own, and paying guitar and standup-bass in the family band for many years, my brother Andre and I picked up the accordion and fiddle in 1998, and decided to play a gig in September of 1999. We never rehearsed, just called our musician friends to join us in downtown Lafayette, and a buddy of mine gave me the name Lost Bayou Ramblers while having a beer before the show. We just took it from there, and started playing clubs in Lafayette and New Orleans, and did our first tour to New York and Brooklyn in 2002.”

Louis appears on the November 2014 episode of The Goodnight Show!


John Taylor

guest_John-TaylorJohn Taylor was born and raised in the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans, Louisiana. As a child the Bayou Bienvenue was his play ground, and he learned a every inch of it and the creatures that dwelled there. As he grew up he watched the Bayou and its associated wetlands change, due to human interventions and interference in the natural processes. He saw the depletion of the cypress forest and the diminishing of fish and fowl. As an adult he has given himself to its preservation through his work with various sustainability organizations and his moving photographs that illustration the beauty and specialness of these places.

John appears on the November 2014 episode of The Goodnight Show!

You can follow John’s activites at his websites: and