Dwight Henry

guest_dwight-henryDwight Henry is an actor, known for 12 Years a Slave (2013), Beasts of the Southern Wild(2012) and 44th NAACP Image Awards (2013).

“I’m from New Orleans. Before I was cast in the part I owned a bakery called Henry’s Bakery and Deli right across the street from the casting agency where Court 13 had their studio. They used to come over and have lunch or breakfast in the morning. After a few months we kinda developed a relationship. They used to put these fliers in the bakery with a phone number to call if you were interested in appearing in one of their movies. As simple as that! They used to put them up at my business, but I was never interested in auditioning, because I’m a restaurateur. If you understand that business, you know you don’t have time to do nothing else but that. It took some work. One day me and Mike [Gottwald], the producer, was sitting in the bakery. I wasn’t doing much so I decided to go over and cast for this part. He laughed. I did a reading for the part – never trying to get it or really wanting to get it – just doing a friend a favor and passing time. I go over, do the reading and two weeks later they come back and say, “Mr. Henry, Mr. [Benh] Zeitlin wants you to do another reading.”

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Dwight Henry was on the December 2012 episode of The Goodnight Show!


John Boutte

guest_john-boutteOn Sundays as the red beans were soaking for Monday’s dinner, John Boutte was awakened by the sounds of his New Orleans neighborhood. Voices carried over the fence from the church behind his home in the Seventh Ward, the home where his mother Gloria still lives, where most of his Creole family still lives and sings. Past the front yard, second-line parades rolled by, matching the madness of Carnival season and the transcendent joy of the jazz funeral. This roux of influences created John Boutte, and serves him to this day.

John Boutte appeared on the October 2012 episode of The Goodnight Show!


Mr. Okra

guest_mr-okraPeople all over town know New Orleans native Arthur Robinson as Mr. Okra — or sometimes just Okra — his trade name as a roving produce vendor who patrols the streets in a pickup truck packed with fruits and vegetables and painted with renderings of his inventory. His voice — a deep, bullfrog baritone — bellows from the truck-mounted P.A. system, announcing his inventory and its goodness. His banter has been featured on numerous albums by local bands, he’s a regular vendor at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and he was the subject of the 2009 documentary Mr. Okra. [source: New Orleans Gambit]

Mr. Okra appeared on the November 2012 episode of The Goodnight Show!