Allison Plyer

guest_2015-April_Allison-PlyerAllison Plyer is Executive Director and Chief Demographer. Dr. Plyer is author of The New Orleans Index series, developed in collaboration with the Brookings Institution to analyze the state of the New Orleans recovery and later to track the region’s progress toward prosperity. She served as an editor for the Brookings Institution Press volume entitled “Resilience and Opportunity: Lessons from the U.S. Gulf Coast after Katrina and Rita.” Allison is recognized as an international expert in post–Katrina demographics and disaster recovery trends. Allison spearheaded the City of New Orleans’ challenge to the Census Bureau’s 2007 and 2008 population estimate, resulting in a nearly 75,000 person adjustment to the Bureau’s estimate of the city’s population — ultimately bringing the estimate for New Orleans within 6 percent of the 2010 Census count. She frequently provides commentary on regional recovery and development to local and national media such as Fox8 television, WBOK radio, the New Orleans Times Picayune, NPR, the Associated Press, and the New York Times.

Allison appears on the April 2015 episode of The Goodnight Show!


Helen Gillet

guest_2015-April_Hellen-GilletCellist, singer, composer and improviser Helen Gillet grew up in Belgium, Singapore, Chicago and Wisconsin before moving to New Orleans in 2002. She has since successfully forged a path for the cello amidst the city’s thriving musical culture.  She has performed extensively across the United States and Western Europe. Beginning cello lessons at the age of nine, Gillet has taken her classical education all the way to a Master’s Degree (Beloit College ’00, Loyola University New Orleans ’04). Her training as an improviser began with North Indian Hindustani vocal ragas in 1998, which launched her into the worlds of free improvisation, jazz, funk, rock and French chansons. The New Orleans Gambit Newspaper awarded her the Big Easy Best Female Performer Award in 2014.

Helen appears on the April 2015 episode of The Goodnight Show!


Mickey Henehan

mickfaceMickey Henehan is a New Orleans based comedian. You can find him performing standup alone, or with his brother in
Mickey and Cassidy Henehan’s Super Comedy Show.

Mickey appears on the April 2015 episode of The Goodnight Show!

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Alex Glustrom

AG_headshotAlex Glustrom is the director of the documentary film, Big Charity.

Founded as a hospital for the poor, Charity Hospital began in 1736 as just a small cottage built on the goodwill of a dying French merchant.  Ran by the nuns of The Daughters of Charity and serving the city of New Orleans for close to 300 years, it gradually transformed into an enormous public institution – into Big Charity – and a longstanding symbol of compassion, a seemingly eternal place of safety and a beacon of hope in the community.  Today the towering art deco building, closed abruptly after Hurricane Katrina hit in August 2005, stands empty, and the community continues to suffer devastating consequences from its absence.

This documentary film includes never-before-seen footage and exclusive interviews to tell the story of Charity Hospital, from its roots to its controversial closing in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. From the firsthand accounts of healthcare providers and hospital employees who withstood the storm inside the hospital, to interviews with key players involved in the closing of Charity, Big Charity shares the untold, true story around its demise and sheds new light on the sacrifices made for the sake of progress

Alex appears on the March 2015 episode of The Goodnight Show!


Qasim Davis

Qguest_2015-March_quasim-davisasim Davis was born and raised in Harlem, New York and moved to New Orleans in May 2010. His work in organizing and education led him to Our School at Blair Grocery as a Delta Service Corps member. Functioning as the Dean of Students, Qasim was a primary contributor in developing a social justice and food sovereignty curriculum. He now works with Kids Rethink New Orleans Schools, physically sculpting local spaces through garden architecture while simultaneously enriching young minds by facilitating educational programs.


Qasim appears on the March 2015 episode of The Goodnight Show!


The Honorable South

guest_2015-March_The-Honorable-SouthThe Honorable South describes themselves as Timeless Americana songwriting, raw rock anthem energy, 808s, guitar licks, feel good verses, and soulful roots commentary drive this inimitable creative force.

Hailing from New Orleans, USA, their 2012 release of I Love My Tribe, a follow up to their 2009 EP Dirty in the Light, saw the band featured in 365 Dreams Band of the Day iPhone app, blazing across festival stages, and supporting international and national acts like Macy Gray, Girl in a Coma, Cody ChesnuTT, and Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes.

Their sophomore release Faithful Brave & Honest is a gallant sonic feat. It sounds like an electric novella set in New Orleans and feels like a spirited testament to what can happen when dreams, reality, and originality dance to wild rhythms at dusk. The South cultivates in their tribe: a celebration, a unity, and an awareness of individual power. The Honorable South is spellbinding Rock-n-soul goddess, vocalist/songwriter Ms. Charm Taylor, guitarist/composer Matthew Rosenbeck, bassist/songwriter Charles Lumar II, the unorthodox drummer Jamal Batiste (Get on Up, Los Hombres Calientes, Jon Cleary & AMG, The Wild Magnolias) and renowned guitarist/producer Danny Kartel (Rap a Lot, No Limit).


The Honorable South appears on the March 2015 episode of The Goodnight Show!


Margie Perez

gns3.5.29MARGIE PEREZ is a dynamic and vivacious performer specializing in a versatile blend of Blues, Pop, and New Orleans Funk. She is also the coordinator of the Mardi Gras bead recycling program at the Arc of Greater New Orleans.

She has performed with her fabulous Funky Band at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, the French Quarter Festival, the Freret Street Festival, and in 2009 she charmed an international audience at the Radio Indigo & Blues Festival in Bangalore India. “Offbeat” magazine says Margie “is one of the hardest working musicians in New Orleans.” Besides leading her own band, she is featured vocalist in Fatien Ensemble, a perfect mix of Jazz and West African percussion. They have played Jazz Fest, the French Quarter Fest and Congo Square Rhythms Festival. She is also a member of the Afro-Cuban percussion and vocal ensemble, Michael Skinkus & Moyuba. They have had multiple Jazz Fest appearances and in 2008 took home the Big Easy Award for Best World/Reggae band. She shows her Rock & Roll side as lead singer of the psychedelic party band, the Ibervillians.

Her latest project is The Honeypots, a harmonious Girl group with Lynn Drury, Monica McIntyre. Their debut CD on Threadhead Records was nominated for best Roots/Rock CD of 2012 by the Best of the Beat Awards in New Orleans.


Margie appears on the Feb. 2015 episode of The Goodnight Show!


Caesar Meadows

guest_2015-Feb_Caesar-MeadowsCaesar Meadows is an American cartoonist who has published the monthly comic strip Mumbeaux Gumbo in the New Orleans magazine Where Y’at since August 2001. His other monthly comic strip Qomix has been published in Antigravity magazine since 2005.

He likes to reformat his comic strips as special-edition micro-comics which he then gives out to people during Mardi Gras. He also sells them in capsule vending machines in select locations around New Orleans.

Caesar used to operate Jigsaw Junction, an archive of comics, in Reserve, Louisiana.

In 2010, Caesar edited and released the first issue of “FEAST yer eyes,” a New Orleans Illustration & Comix tabloid newspaper anthology featuring the work of several crescent city cartoonists.


Caesar appears on the Feb. 2015 episode of The Goodnight Show!