Sarah McCoy

guest_20150506_SaraMcCoySarah McCoy’s voice can be heard tearing up the asphalt from New Orleans to Paris and beyond. Recently dubbed “l’etoilie de sud” (star of the South) in this February’s issue of Les Inrock magazine, she waltzes blues and jazz through a carnival-caberet of personal conviction and hopeful resolutions.

McCoy is renowned for using unusual tricks and stunts to enhance her performance both visually and auditorally. For instance, McCoy often uses washtub buckets to amplify her voice and uses pop rocks, instead, on a microphone to create a record player effect over her songs.

Acting as the booming front force, singer-songwriter, McCoy uses bother her musical and theatrical training to construct an environment rich with mood. Though her tricks are light-hearted and delivered with quick-wit humor, McCoy’s songs are lyrically dark with hopeful resolutions. With a mouth like a cannon and a voice like bayou thunder, McCoy delivers her message powerfully to the ears and hearts of her listeners.

A participant in any given McCoy show can expect to hear a variety of styles ranging through (but not limited to): ragtime-cabaret, thunder-piano rock, blues, gypsy-jazz, growling waltzes and deadly lullabies.

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Sarah appears on the May 2015 episode of The Goodnight Show!

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