Otis Cross

bio_doc-otis_01Otis Cross is the Goodnight Show’s Stage Manager. During the show he oversees the backstage and green room, works in conjunction with the sound engineer and mics up the guests. He is known in New Orleans as a freelance audio engineer, stage tech and stage carpenter. Otis is also a musician in his own right, playing piano with his band, Doc Otis & the Junker Jazz All Stars.

Steve Walkup

bio_steve-walkup_01Steve co-founded The Goodnight Show and heads up the house band, Steve Walkup & The Goodnight Show Orchestra. Steve also plays in several bands such as The Stacks and Picnic. Steve is also the owner and CEO of a multi-state green technology company and provides business guidance and leadership for The Goodnight Show.

Cassandra Snyder

bio_cassandra-snyder_01Cassandra originally came to New Orleans to attend Loyola University, where she received a degree in mass communications.  She has an extensive knowledge of all things New Orleans; history, art, music, culture and cuisine. She uses that expertise in selecting guests for The Goodnight Show. When Cassandra is not sleuthing out talent for the show, her company- Soul of NOLA creates custom tours for folks visiting the Crescent City. Unique arrangements such as music lessons, cooking experiences and even meeting some of the former guests of the show are possible.  Cassandra loves sharing the marvels of her city with the her Soul of NOLA guests & The Goodnight Show audiences.

Duncan Pace

bio_duncan-pace_01Duncan is a writer, director, and stand up comedian. Before co-founding The Goodnight Show, he earned a BS in Film & Television from Boston University and was a founding member of the renowned comedy/juggling trio The London Broil Show. He has honed his entertainment instincts performing for audiences of all ages nation-wide and creating a wide variety of unique and timeless media.

John Calhoun

bio_john-calhoun_01John is the host and co-founder of The Goodnight Show. John has lived in New Orleans for 16 years and has worn many hats in that time including musician, comedian, auctioneer, urban farmer, chef, massage therapist, and community activist. In 2002 he founded The New Orleans Food Co-op and spent 10 years working to open the only cooperative grocery store in Louisiana. In the process he gained valuable leadership and fundraising skills and built an extensive community network.